Preferable flight times: If it is possible to arrive mid-afternoon, that is the best choice. Between picking up your luggage, the 45-minute trip across St. Thomas, the ferry between islands, picking up your rental car and a stop for groceries you will probably not be settled into the house until 3 hours after your flight lands. On your departure date we recommend you look for an afternoon flight. The earliest flight you could reasonably make from St. John is 8 AM, and that would require an early morning departure from the cottage.

Arrival at St. Thomas airport: Most of our guests either rent a Jeep near the airport, and then travel themselves to the car ferry at Red Hook Bay on the east side of St. Thomas, or they take a taxi to the ferry at Red Hook and then rent a car on St. John.  We will provide you with a list of car rental companies upon request.

Rentals on St John:   A rental vehicle is best to fully enjoy our Cottages and all St. John and St. Thomas have to offer.  Public transportation does exist, via buses and taxis and ferries, but schedules vary, given the usage of “Island Time” by the residents of the Islands.  We recommend a 4 wheel drive vehicle.

Car Rentals on St. Thomas:  Some of our guests to prefer to rent a vehicle at the airport.  However, the last car barge leaving St Thomas is at 7pm.  If you do not make it there in time, you are out of luck.  It will take at least two to three hours to get your luggage, pick up your rental car, and drive across St. Thomas to Red Hook Ferry. Plan accordingly.

Ferries:    The passenger ferries run every hour on the hour until 11 pm. No reservation is required. The ferry costs $7 per person, one way. Small bags and purses that can fit in your lap are no extra charge. Larger bags are $4 each.   For information between the US Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands please see this link:

Check in and out times: We need a full six hours between guests departure and new arrivals. This allows us to clean and maintain the houses thoroughly. Check in is any time after 3 PM and check out is at 10 AM. We can sometimes prepare to have the houses available a bit earlier but quite often we cannot.

Security Deposit:   We do not, at this point, collect a security deposit.  We strive to keep costs low for our guests and our experience over the years has been that our guests return the favor by treating our homes with respect. If something breaks, please let us know immediately, so that it can be replaced.

Reservation and Cancellation policy: We fully understand that when guests need to cancel a vacation on St. John they are as unhappy about that as we are. As soon as a reservation is made we block those dates off on our calendar and receive no future inquiries for that time period, If you inform us of the need to cancel we will immediately open those dates on the calendar and make every attempt to find a replacement rental. We may need to offer a last minute discount in order to refill your week and in that case you would lose part of your deposit. We do not charge a cancellation fee but we are only able to offer refunds when we are able to rebook canceled rentals. We make every effort to refill a cancellation but we want to be sure that guests understand that, unlike a hotel, rental homes do not get a lot of last minute bookings and no walk in traffic. If you need to cancel inform us as soon as possible to maximize the chances of giving you a full refund. We also highly recommend trip cancellation insurance.

Hurricane policy:  If your airfare is cancelled due to area Hurricane or Tropical Storm, you will receive full refund.  If you can get here - all airlines functioning, and all ferries functioning - there will be no refund.  We actually had a guest request three days pro-rated refund because it rained 3 out of the 7 days of her stay.  We have no control over the weather.  Weather happens.  If it rains during your stay, there will be no refund.   

Where to eat on St. John: 

As this is ever changing, we will provide you with a list of restaurants and grocery stores In Coral Bay upon request.

What to do on your visit: - This site contains a wealth of information about activities, beaches, culture, environment, hiking trails and wedding planning.